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Nekosoft's Guide to Hitch Hikers

And now a format that will lead to more frequent updates. But first, the favorites: Words, Pictures, Noises, Music, and let us not forget the Rats.

So what else is new?


A younger version of the Lifetime network? Video Gallery on Oxygen has some streaming Roberta Gregory stuff that I'm logging so when I get a chance to download it, I can.
posted by Erik Johnson 9:28 PM


This should be the same link as the one below, only automagicly logged: Star Wars Lego Figures. Am I the only one who thinks the term "Automagically" is cool. Would I stop using it if I was?
posted by Erik Johnson 11:01 PM

Tried to add a link to the boys at Brunching... Could do it manually I guess.... If'n that worked, I still remember rudimentary html skills.
posted by Erik Johnson 10:56 PM

I'll be damned, it did work... Definitely shows potential for my page, but we'll need to test out the web-login' capabilities.
posted by Erik Johnson 10:50 PM

This is a test. A bloggy, bloggy test. Will it work? Probably not...
posted by Erik Johnson 10:20 PM

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