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Nekosoft's Guide to Hitch Hikers

And now a format that will lead to more frequent updates. But first, the favorites: Words, Pictures, Noises, Music, and let us not forget the Rats.

So what else is new?


Exactly what do the executives at my company's parent company make ?EDGAR Online - Compensation Express. A hell of a lot more than I do. We're talking orders of magnitude here. Some more in a year than I've made in a decade. Maybe I better look to going back to school.
posted by Erik Johnson 11:55 PM


Even though I'm quite confident in my current gender, I seem to identify with the Hip Mamas of the world. Kristy and I have discussed that if'n we ever "aquire" children (you know, like find in a taxicab or something. Unless I want to bear them, she says...) we'll still have to buy them their own toys because they won't be able to play with ours. Well... some of the toys they can abuse, of course, but not the still-boxed Spice Girl dolls or my custom painted Lego Guys (I just counted 42 bottles of Testors model paint on my desk....). But the more I think of it, the more I realize I would totally relive my childhood through my potential kids. I mean, I had (and have) a great era of the youngster, but all the things I wanted like those kid-sized jeeps and giant treehouses my offspring would have in spades. There's plenty of time. Thanks to (no Ginas seemed to be harmed in the production of said page.) Right now I'm remembering how much I love The Nields. I'm kicking myself for missing Nerissa's stop in Nederland last week. I'm sure they'll be at Lyons Folk Fest in the fall.
posted by Erik Johnson 10:21 PM

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