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Full Name: Erik Owen Johnson

Nicknames: Eirk, Erikie, Rico the Underworld Torpedo, Bic Scripto, Ellen Vaincriox

Date of Birth: The 22nd of October in 1975

Parents: Mark and Moira and Ed and Gail

Siblings: Zach and Leah and Nick and Ruby

School: Ha!

Closest Friends: Anyone who's ever let me sleep on their couch. You know who y'all are.

Pets: Ghost Kittty, Stink, Stink's kittens, pet lichen.

Jobs: House painter, freelance Mac tech support, landscaping, repo-man, trucker, auto dealer, generalized ass-kicking.

Best Advice: given: It is best to not try to be timeless, but rather speak for the present. taken: Shut up!

Words or phrases you use too much: Oh my yes and every Simpsons line.

Sport or game in which you excel the most in: Pinball, living for free, couch surfing, Armored Core on Playstation

Coolest Experience: Dropping out of school and going on the road

Scariest Thing You've Ever Done: After Speech and Debate, I have no fear.

Fave Things To Do in summer: Travel, go to the nude beach, Winnipeg Folk Fest, fall in love

Fave thing to do in Winter: Travel to somewhere where it's summer.

Least Fave Thing I Have Ever Done: Every sucky thing I do makes a good story, so it's cool.

Character Traits You Look for in Friends: Twisted (in a good way), willing, large couch, fast car, winning smile

Special Skills or Talents: No shame, can drive anything with wheels, don't sunburn

Fave Bands: Moxy Fruvous, Rheostatics, Klezmatics, the Nields.

Fave Singers: ani difranco, Dar Williams, Nanci Griffith, Greg Brown, Beck, so many more.....

Fave Color: So very red.

Fave Food: Pizza in all it's myriad forms

Least Fave Food: Eggs.

Fave Vacation: Last four years

Fave Subject: Computer Arts (mostly Computer Literature)

Fave Movie: Contact

Fave Animal: Pigs

Fave T.V. Show: Simpsons, Pop-up Video, Antique Roadshow

Fave Day: Tomorrow

Fave Month: July

Fave Holidays: Festivus

Fave things to wear: Jeans and a T-shirt, boots, hat... or just naked

Biggest Regret: That I don't do enough I could regret.

Do you like.... stuff? No. I like data. Stuff is thick data that's too hard to move.