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Naked! Could not be more naked except to take off the reamaining fabric that drapes me. My body is no secret to me of any who look upon me that is willing and female. Alonjew, I'd be naked all the time but for temperature concerns and cool looking clothings. Naked I read things that are before my time. Written seven years ago , but before my time. My time is now. A few seconds before now. I'm ahead of my time. Anytrhing I write is before my time the actiuon of writng something changes me enough to have a different inpressipn tehn when I wrote it. There's someone presumablt naked on tv thtat;s explaining sonething I don;t care about exccept for her nudity.b Naked fine breastes. I look away from the breasts to write about them but still hear the simulated sounds of her orgsasm. It's more difficult to watch somethingf when worring aboutr the character and the acteress playing the par both. It complicates matters. But the actress and the character she plays are BOTH naked right now. Quel coincidence. A naked woman in the bath throwuing uop omn herself would be either very erotic of b=very disturbing, or b=perhaps both, biut I'd have to view it to detrmine which. MY throwing up in the bath is not erotic to me, nor is my naked genetailia nor nipples. Not my long hair falling around my face. No part of my body turns me on but my hand and eyes.


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