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She hauled back and spat into the sea as the thick raindrops thrashed around them like fat tears. The other kept rowing; in no direction in particular exccept a place where the current kept them. She kept time while the other rowed, not that time had a place here out on the water- the time didnt matter as much as the distance and even the distance waas not of uttmost importance. The white chalk cliff walls on eack side didn't seem to get closer. Or farther away for that matter. She thought that the two possiblities in this case were that the either weren't making any progress whatsoever or that the sheer magnatude of the cliff faces prevented any change in perception.
Although even from here they did curve.
Or seem to curve up towards the sky.
	"It's your turn now" said the other. 
	"Just a few more minutes."
	"But time doesn't matter as much as the distance..." whined the other.
	"Just a few more miles them."

No wind from the storm because of the cliffs, so the water should have been fairly clear, but the size and numberes of the raindrops upset the sea enough to toss their craft about.
	"Even the distance doesn't look like it's going to matter one way or the other."

The other was to drown. Her too for that matter if she didn't figure a way out. A way out of an area that had no size, nor dimention, nor navigation. She spat again.