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Here we have a repository of things to listen to, from simple non-confrontational wav's to music one must be able to play oneself.
Les wavs:
(Yes I use a mac but any mac-head worth her salt can translate wavs...)
Here we have a noise Crazy Pete makes to activate The Clapper(tm): Aaaaaahh!.
Leah reminds us of our non-meloness: You'll never be a melon.
Alex's insight: This Position.
I issue a call for sweetener: Honey.
Zach... uh.... Who's that at the door?, In Lieu of my regular payment, Look at that flamingo and Paper trail. Whew.
In the days of my youth I had a radio show, a wildly unpopular
one at that. I don't know if it was because it was on at one in
the morning or because of my unswerving devotion to my "no repeat ever" policy.
Anyway, I kept logs of each show and so far
two of them have resurfaced, along with links to each artist.
Show Four
Show Six
Yes, there's more... I just didn't feel like doing the whole page in one day...