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"If the tv was smarter It would know what we wanted to watch."
One comment said jokeingly to my brother changed the way we watch tv forever. For some reason he took that as a challenge. He's weird that way, I don't know. Anyway, he hooked his computer up to the extra video output on the vcr and then jacked it into to the TV Guide webpage. Then he scrounged a Neilsen box and patched that in too. For about a week nothing happened. The computer learned our viewing paterns. It figured out for the most part, we only watch about seven channels. And after it learned when our favorite shows were on, it was almost set. In addition, it screened for violence and nudity and immedietly switch when either surpassed a pre-set threshold. Unless it was to switch from a favorite, then, only during commercials. And because it monitored every channel, it knew exactly when to switch back. It was pretty sweet. The only thing we needed the remote for was to adjust the volume, and then my brother hooked up an infrared to check how many people are in the room and adjust accordingly (He's got this formula where the volume is proportional to the number of people in the room). Anyway, it was all pretty sweet for the better part of three weeks until the computer was able to confirm what we'd known all along. There just wasn't anyhing good on. So we shut it all off.