Here we have a repository of things to listen to, from simple non-confrontational wav's to music one must be able to play oneself.
Favorite Radio and RealAudio shows
The internet is the best thing to happen to radio ever. I'm getting a cable modem for this list of links.

This American Life with Ira Glass
A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor
The Savvy Travler with Rudy Maxa
The Thistle and Shamrock with Fiona Ritchie
Selected Shorts with Isaiah Sheffer
Car Talk with Tom and Ray Magliozzi
Whad'Ya Know? with Michael Feldman
Talk of the Nation with Ray Suarez
The Splendid Table with Lynne Rossetto Kasper
Minnesota Public Radio live feed
Gogaga is Boulder-based freeform internet radio.

Des wavs:
(Yes I use a mac but any mac-head worth her salt can translate wavs...)

Here we have a noise Crazy Pete makes to activate The Clapper(tm): Aaaaaahh!.
Leah reminds us of our non-meloness: You'll never be a melon.
Alex's insight: This Position.
I issue a call for sweetener: Honey.
Zach... uh.... Who's that at the door?, In Lieu of my regular payment, Look at that flamingo and Paper trail.

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Links to for all your non-offical frugear needs...

In random order: Awaiting my fate... (from I Love My Boss, The "b" Album)
It's a dirty job (from Down From Above)
Don't give me that (from Get in the Car)
It might be closer to the afternoon (from Boo Time)
Good morning America (recorded live on World Cafe)
Gotta get a message to you (Gotta get.. y'know)
Gross (from The Kids Song)
I also did a Gene Simmons thing with my tounge (recorded live: Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis)
Heart of tin has shed his skin, given it a Hefty burial (from B.J. Don't Cry)
Here We Go (from Johnny Saucepan)
I sure hope that she's ok (from Darlington Darling)
It's Boo Time (Boo Time)
It's Too Late (from It's Too Cold)
Well he was just some Johnny Saucepan when he walked into that kitchen
King, do you have a monkey? (World Cafe)
Let's get it just right (from Fly)
He can't stand a loss (from I Love My Boss)
We're going to have to live up to that now (World Cafe)
Opening banjo riff (Michigan Milita)
Night always falls (from Lee)
It has no inherent meaning, but it can be used (World Cafe)
Orbiting Rondel (You Will go to the Moon)
My senses finally blured (The Drinking Song)
Shall we? Let's do (World Cafe)
Shouldn't have wanted more (from Bed and Breakfast)
Is there something you reject? (The Kids Song)
It's ten 'till two (Jenny Washington)
We can take a trip up to the corner (Video Bargainville)
Why are you laughing? They exist... (Mountian Stage)
You don't need soaps to clean your mind (Fly)
He said "You're done!" (I love my boss)

Please remember that Moxy Fruvous does own the rights to these samples and their posting here is in no way meant to infringe on those rights. That being said, if you have Kaboom or Sound Master for the Macintosh or have constructed a Macintosh emulator for your Windows machine, why not assign some of these samples to correspond with system events? (I think it may be built into the system on Wintels) Imagine having the frulads sing "Is there something you reject" everytime you pop a disc out! Or hack the AOL program so instead of that annoying You've Got Mail, you hear "I've just gotta get a message to you..." Try setting up your PC such that when you encounter a "General Protection Fault" Jian sings "He can't stand a loss". (Mac users, I had to throw one bone to the Windows crowd. You'll need a way to transmogify WAV's into Mac System sound files. You've probably even got one already...)

If you go you can't go back.