The utility room of this virtual house you stepped into, but with lots of other places to step over to.
Noah boy's Homepage. (the page is there, but all the links are broken. Also, Noah is missing and presumed to be having a great time) (a dead link, shown here for posterity...)
Ruthy's criminally outdated page. (Now a dead link... Gone forever...)
PeppyLeLulu's slice of life. (uhh... also gone... Sara, ya HTML queen, what's up wit that?)

Uhh... I do have more than four friends... Just not all of them have homepages... and even those who do have homepages don't have homepages.
The 404's tell a story all their own.

These pages built on a PowerBook 520, a Newton 120 and a couple of the
University of Iowa's G3's. Web space generously provided by
Lodging provided by Joshua Cragun (Josh, where are you?) with meals by HyVee food stores.
Thanks to U of I main library of the Anne Sexton works and the Walker
Art Galery for the use of the Holzer pieces. Use of copywriten words or
images on these pages is not meant as an attack on the copyright, but merely for reference.

Additional page updates via various public computers, a Macintosh Color Classic
painted to look like a Pikachu (henceforth known as The Pikamac), and a home-
built Pentium II 233 machine running Windows (shiver) overclocked to 300mhz... pretty state of the art, eh?

Even more editing done on a shiny PowerBook G4 550 and a pearly eMac G4 700 and a work-issued Pentium 3 Dell. Yes, I edit my HTML from work. I think about work at home too.
Also, I'd be lost without my iPod, my Testor's enamels, an X-acto knife, my Visor Prism, various notebooks, Nalgene bottles, outdoor grills and microbrews.

Anyone who says differently is itching for a fight.